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“Wonderful music school in north/central austin. My 8 year old son now loves playing piano and can read sheet music as well as pick things out by ear. I am so grateful for the Greater Austin Music Academy, and for Matt and Tom.”

Shayna B. – Austin, TX

As an adult starting piano lessons again after (eep!) 3 decades, I have to say that studying at Greater Austin Music Academy has been a very gratifying experience. My teacher David Mesquitic has just the right touch. He is able to both encourage and challenge someone like me who has “just enough” knowledge to be dangerous but not enough to have mastered certain essential concepts for pop/jazz piano. Huge props to Matt McLaughlin as well. He has created a very warm and welcoming space in which to take lessons and definitely paired me with right teacher. I am thrilled to have found the Greater Austin Music Academy.

Stephanie M. – Austin, TX

Having a master’s degree in music, I have had access to lots of teachers throughout the years but have never experienced the quality of techniques and musicality that I see at this school. The teachers are extremely professional with each having advanced degrees in music… not your average “living room lesson at my piano teacher’s house.” Students range from beginners to accomplished pianists, and can feel music in the air upon arrival! One gets the feeling of attending a major university piano lesson as opposed to another “ho-hum piano lesson!” It doesn’t matter the level, I see every student excited to be there and eager to learn! I feel very fortunate to be a part of this exciting school and can’t recommend it highly enough!”

Mary Ann P. – Austin TX

Google Ratings and Reviews

“Matt has an uncanny ability to translate something complex like music theory into easy building blocks for small children to understand. He relates these concepts to activities and ideas they can grasp, and he has an amazing amount of patience. He can draw their little wandering minds back to the subject easily and makes learning the piano fun and interesting. It isn’t a single approach, but a tailored approach to meet the needs of each child which makes the difference in his teaching. We love Matt!”

Trasi Judd
Mother of Alexa Judd, Age 5
Austin, TX

It was our good fortune that we’ve “found” Matt. . . Our son was at the point of quitting the piano altogether when we decided to give the music one more chance. Now we’ve reached the point we’ve never even had hoped to be at: Siddartha starts his daily piano practice spontaneously and wants to excel and do it right. . .”

Binita and Goran Devic
Parents of Siddartha, Age 9
Austin, TX

I began studying with Matt McLaughlin three years ago, after a hiatus from piano lessons of nearly forty years! He is, quite simply, a superb piano teacher, and I whole heartedly recommend him to anyone who is serious about playing the piano. In my case, employing kindness, patience, phenomenal skill, and good humor, Mr. McLaughlin has significantly improved both my understanding of music theory and my playing. He has introduced me to sophisticated fingering, phrasing, voicing, pedaling and myriad other techniques, suggested more effective ways to practice, and taught me how better to interpret the music as written. Thanks to his customized instruction and unwavering support, I am finally able to tackle music I always wanted to play but never imagined I could learn. Playing the piano is once again a source of great joy in my life, and, thanks to Matt, I am daily reminded that even an old dog can learn new tricks – – if she has the right trainer.

Linda Halpern
Austin, TX

I am an adult student and have been studying with Matt for a little less than one year. I have a background in music, having participated in the band program as a teen and going on to play flute in community bands as an adult. I have been very pleased with my studies so far, and am amazed at how comfortable I am with Matt. I have remarked to family and friends what a gifted teacher I think Matt is, and that is because regardless of what my struggle of the week is, he has the ability to identify the source of the issue and then provide a solution. Our lessons are fun and I leave feeling like I’ve accomplished something for the week. I will say, however, that Matt is no push over. He constantly challenges me – but that is what most good teachers do. As an adult, I have a little more latitude to decide what I am or am not interested in doing or willing to do. Matt takes an active interest in my comments and has always been willing to help me get out of piano what I want. I look forward to continuing my studies with Matt. I couldn’t be more satisfied.

Sandi Self
Austin, TX