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GAMA Music Mailer – Thanksgiving Edition!
The Newsletter of the Greater Austin Music
Academy Community

In this issue:

Winter Recital – Friday January 12th!

Happy Thanksgiving from Matt

Meet our Students Jennie and Mary Ann

Group Performance Classes

Mark Your Calendars:

November 21-26: Thanksgiving Holiday

Friday January 12th at 7PM:Winter Recital

December 16: Group Performance Class

Thursday June 7th at 7PM:Year-End Recital

Special Events and Masterclasses:


Piano Recital

Our school-wide Winter Recital is on January 12th! The recital is open to all current students and is one of our most popular and fun events! Make sure you prepare during December lessons with your teacher. The deadline to register is Sunday December 31st.

For more information and to sign up, you can CLICK HERE !


Happy Thanksgiving from Matt!

Thanksgiving is upon us, and I want everyone to know how incredibly thankful I am to be a part of this growing music school with incredible students, teachers, and our awesome staff who keep things working behind the scenes.

This season, we’ve been asking students what role music plays in their lives, and you can see a couple of their responses below. I have seen firsthand how music can do amazing things, like teach shy and unsure children confidence and perseverance well outside of their lessons and invigorate adults as they find a new facet of life to explore. In my own life, I am tremendously grateful for the emotional outlet and meaning music has given me, and for the people – like all of you at this school- that it has surrounded me with. 

To all of you here at GAMA: Thank you so much! I hope you have a GREAT Thanksgiving Holiday and will continue to find meaning in music for many years to come. 

November Student Spotlight

Meet Jennie!
Currently Learning: Ode to Joy
Favorite Food: Monkey bread
Favorite Activities: running, math, and playing with her friends

Why does Jennie play music?
Jennie has always loved music and it brings her great joy. When she plays music, she can’t help but sing and dance along! Jennie also loves reaching for any new instrument she can get her hands on. Jennie’s parents also love her music lessons as they are teaching her the value of perseverance. As she progresses, she is learning that music requires practice and diligence to get it right. Lessons strike a balance for her by being accessible while also keeping her interest so she is motivated to achieve her goals. Jennie studies piano at GAMA with John Henderson.

Meet Mary Ann!
“A lot of people ask me “what makes you continue to take lessons?”  I have been studying music since I was a child, some 60+ years. I was a clarinetist in the beginning until about 10 years ago when I inherited my aunt’s Steinway Grand and discovered my heart’s true passion.  The study of piano in my life has given me a focus in retirement that I feel extremely blessed to have developed.  My friends and family think I’m wonderful, but what’s more important is the knowledge to be able to realize I can be so much better. Thank you Greater Austin Music Academy!”

Our group performance classes
are a GREAT way to practice playing in front of others in a supportive, low pressure and stress-free environment. 

You can find more details on our group performance classes by clicking HERE.

Our next performance class:

Saturday, December 16, 10:30AM – 12PM
Class Leader: John Henderson


Remember that you do not have to play the same instrument as your class leader to take part!

Want to learn more about music lessons? There’s no better time to start than today! Just fill out the form below for more information: