Learn to Play Piano in Austin

Learn to Play Piano in Austin, TX

Learn to Play Piano in Austin

Do you want to learn to play piano in Austin? Greater Austin Music Academy offers the best teachers in a wide range of musical styles.

Our friendly, supportive music school is the perfect place for students young and old. Whether you’re just starting out, looking for piano lessons for your children, or want to learn to play the piano yourself, there’s a place for you here at Greater Austin Music Academy!

How do I get started or learn more?

To get started or learn more, just contact us! We are committed to finding you the perfect teacher for your needs, and are happy to provide you with more information. There are no long-term contracts, and sign-up is a breeze. And because we have so many experienced teachers in different styles, we are confident that we can find you the perfect match!

Why choose Greater Austin Music Academy?

Learn to Play Piano in AustinHere are just a few reasons to consider our school if you want to learn to play piano in Austin:

  • A wide variety of piano teachers. Whether you want to learn jazz piano, pop, or classical, we have the perfect teacher to suit your needs!
  • Musical events every month. We aren’t just a regular music school! Our calendar includes frequent events and workshops such as performance classes, recitals, composition workshops, community events and more.
  • Recitals throughout the year. We hold two large recitals and several smaller performance events throughout the year for our students!
  • Extracurricular activities. You have access to unique activities such as classes with visiting teachers, guest performances and more.
  • A vibrant and welcoming musical community. We love our students and bringing music to Austin Texas! When you join GAMA you become part of our encouraging and supportive community. 

Want to learn more about our music school? Just click here.

(Live in Round Rock and surrounding communities? Check out our awesome “sister school” Premier Music Academy.)