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We are now Greater Austin Music Academy!

Meet Georgia, Our Featured Student

Get a Free Lesson Over the Summer

Spring Recital Information

What is a Masterclass??

We are Now GAMA

Change can be tough, but it’s exciting too! And we’re very excited for this next big step in our school’s growth.

Over the next couple of weeks you’ll see a new sign go up out front, some e-mail address changes, and our new website: But don’t worry, you’re still at the right place!

So why the change? Well a lot of things. I for one, have said my last name more than enough for one lifetime. If you’ve ever called the school and heard me say “McLaughlin School of Music this is Matt McLaughlin speaking” you know what I mean.

But more importantly, as we grow, our school is adding more exciting opportunities for you our students, and the Greater Austin community! For instance by bringing in guests for masterclasses, concerts and other events! (See the Johan Botes Masterclass below.) We want a name that reflects that.

Thank you for being a part of this exciting step in our school!

Georgia at the PianoMeet this month’s featured student: Georgia

Georgia has been a student here for several years, studying piano with Dr. Sung-eun Park and Matt McLaughlin.

Georgia’s favorite food is sushi (and Amy’s Ice Cream-Mexican vanilla with gummy bears).

Her hobbies are art, mountain biking, running, and skateboarding.

Georgia is currently playing Serenade for a Doll from Debussy’s Children’s Corner Suite and Chopin’s “Raindrop” Prelude, Op. 28 No 15.

Get a Free Lesson This Summer!

As you probably know – our tuition drops slightly during the summer to accommodate for travel plans. At this lower tuition, you are guaranteed 9 lessons out of the 13 summer weeks as arranged between you and your teacher – with additional lessons paid at the flat lesson rate.

However, most students here prefer to keep their regular schedule during the summer. For those that do, we are extending the option of staying with the CURRENT monthly tuition rate. Since there are 13 summer weeks, if you stay at the rate you are *currently* paying, you effectively get more than 1 free lesson during the summer! So even if you miss a lesson, you still get a cheaper rate than if you choose the “summer tuition + pay-as-you-go” plan.

Worried about missing lessons? Starting in August/September, we will be adding Group Lessons on the weekends in the coming school year. These will include performance classes (where you can try playing for others in a friendly setting), music theory, music history, and more. Any lessons missed during the summer can receive a free credit to a group lesson of your choice – and you can use an unlimited number of these group makeup lessons. This means that if you end up taking a last minute trip, or many of them, you can still receive a class.

If you are planning to continue as normal during the summer and would like to stay at the current tuition – and get your free lesson – please e-mail our office manager John Nguyen at – simply “I want to stay at the current tuition” works fine 🙂 To take this option we will need to know as soon as possible!

School Recital!

The McLaughlin School recital is coming up: Friday May 12th at 7PM at Covenant Presbyterian Church.

If you have signed up to play with your teacher, you will receive an e-mail by Thursday, May 4th with further information on the dress rehearsal and recital.

Remember that there is a 40 dollar fee per participant to help cover the expense of renting and insuring this hall, but there is no cost to attend, so please come support our awesome students!

Johan Botes at the PianoWhat is a Master Class?

Greater Austin Music Academy will be hosting a master class with guest artist Dr. Johan Botes on Thursday May 18th at 7PM in the KMFA recording studios.

But what is a masterclass? In classical music, a masterclass is the tradition of musical instruction in a group setting. Half-performance, half-lesson, students perform their pieces and are then guided by a visiting artist – usually of exceptional calibre. In this case, two or three of own GAMA piano students will play for our guest artist Dr. Johan Botes.

Dr. Botes certainly has a lot of knowledge to pass along! A native of South Africa, he regularly performs around the world in solo, chamber, and concerto settings, and is currently on faculty at Marshall University. Besides that, he’s just a lot of fun! You can check out Johan and Matt playing some two-piano Poulenc here.

This is a very limited seating event! There is a ticket fee of $20 to cover the cost of our visiting teacher. If you would like to reserve your seat, please register here.

Refer a Friend & get a FREE lesson!

If you have a friend who might like to take lessons, refer them to the school and if they sign up we’ll give you a lesson for free!It’s very easy to refer someone. Just e-mail with their name, and their e-mail address and we’ll take care of the rest!

There’s no maximum to the amount of free lessons you can receive. Thank you for being a part of our growing school!

Get a Free Music Lesson