Trial Lesson Signup

Trial Lesson Signup

To sign up for your trial lesson, simply use the form here. You will only be charged our one-time setup fee of $25 and a $40 lesson deposit, which is applied to your first lesson cost. If you have questions or would like to talk to us before enrolling, please click here or call 512-337-2224.

Virtually all students are very happy after their first lesson and choose to continue! If you choose to do so, we will put you in the billing system after your first lesson (prorated and with your lesson deposit applied.)* There is absolutely no obligation to continue after your first lesson, although nearly all students choose to do so.

Also, unlike many schools, there are no-long term contracts here at GAMA and we only bill month-to-month, so as to make our tuition structure clear and fair.

When you submit this form, you will be presented with a link to pay. We will contact you to set up your first lesson within 24 hours!

*Please note that because of our very busy schedule, we cannot schedule lessons more than 14 days in advance and must charge an additional registration fee if your regular lessons commence more than 14 days from your trial lesson. For that reason, we suggest picking a trial lesson that works as a weekly lesson time.