Group Performance Classes

About Performance Classes

Group performance classes are an excellent way to practice playing in front of other students in a low-pressure and supportive environment. Classes last about 35-55 minutes each and involve no more than 6 participants.

Who can play in performance classes?

These classes are open to all ages and levels. We try to group similar ages and levels together when possible, but it is not uncommon to have a class include both younger and older students at various levels. The point of these classes is to enjoy playing for each other no matter what your level.

Does my performance have to be perfect or complete?

Absolutely not! Many students play only a portion of their music in class, or a piece they have just started working on. Others may be playing something that they have been working on for a long time. It all completely depends.

How do the classes work? What happens?

The exact format of these classes is up to the individual instructor, but a typical class might involve you playing for the group and, if appropriate, receiving a few comments from the instructor. In some cases, the teacher might ask you to play certain parts of the piece again or help you with sections. You can choose to play as much or as little of your music as you would like.

How many people are in a class and how long do they last?

Class sizes are very limited, with no more than 6 participants. In many cases parents choose to stay and watch. (If the room gets too crowded, we may sometimes ask parents to wait in the waiting area.) Class lengths vary but usually last from 35-55 minutes.

Do I have to play the same instrument as the class leader?

No! For example, if you play the violin but your class leader is a piano teacher, you are still encouraged to participate. It is still a great opportunity to play for other students. And since all of our teachers are highly skilled musicians, your teacher may still have some helpful comments.

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Upcoming Performance Classes

Summer Group Class Schedule:

Currently the Summer Schedule is Coordinated Through the office – Please e-mail us to participate!

Important note: Classes usually last 30-45 minutes. However we reserve a large block of time in case we need to have more than one class because of overflow. Your exact class start time will be e-mailed to you the week of the class. Please leave this time open on your schedule! 

(If you are registering in lieu of a private lesson, there is no fee! Because of limited class sizes we cannot allow refunds once you enroll.)

Remember that you are encouraged to participate even if your class leader is a different instrument!