Group Performance Classes

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Group Performance Classes:

Saturday, April 27th @ 12PM with Eric Young (all ages)

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Pop/Jazz Jam Sessions:


Important note: Classes usually last 30-45 minutes. However we reserve a large block of time in case we need to have more than one class because of overflow. Your exact class start time will be e-mailed to you the week of the class. Please leave this time open on your schedule! 

Remember that you are encouraged to participate even if your class leader is a different instrument!

About Group Classes and Events

All group events are included in your GAMA tuition and signup is available on a first-come first-serve basis.

Performance Classes

Group performance classes are an excellent way to practice playing in front of other students in a low-pressure and supportive environment. Classes last about 35-55 minutes each and involve no more than 6 participants. These classes are open to all ages and levels and often involve an eclectic mix of students.

You are encouraged to participate even if you have an incomplete piece. Performance classes are for fun and playing in a group setting, and perfection is absolutely not required!

Jazz/Pop Jam Sessions

These classes are for anyone who has had at least some pop/jazz background or lessons and wants to enjoy jamming and improv with other musicians. Background can be minimal however and the most important thing is that you want to enjoy playing with others and having fun.

Typical jam sessions might include warm up improvisation games, simple tunes/chord progressions, and coaching on performing with other group members.

Since we are a piano-heavy school the “two-keyboard” room will be used to accommodate multiple pianists. Other instruments are strongly encouraged to join us as well!

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