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Coming Up in the New School Year!
Meet Nora, Our Featured Student
Our New Student Portal

Mark Your Calendars:

Saturday Sept 2 – Monday Sept 4: Closed Labor Day Weekend

Friday January 12th at 7PM: Winter Recital

Thursday June at 7PM: Year-End Recital

Special Events and Masterclasses added at:

Welcome to a New School Year of Making Music! 

We are really excited to kick off the new school year here at Greater Austin Music Academy! This will be our third year at the academy, and it’s hard to believe that only two years ago we were shampooing the carpets, painting the studios, having gravel laid down, and all sorts of other things we didn’t learn about in music school.

Since then, it’s been amazing to watch GAMA grow, and we’ve certainly learned a lot doing it! So many familiar faces have been with us since the beginning, and so many other great members of our community have become part of our family over the last two years. I’m so impressed with all of the amazing students and teachers that pass through the doors of this school each week. Without you, of course, all of this would not be possible.

Last year, we closed with an incredible school-wide recital. We have two coming up this year, so please mark your calendars! We also have many more events planned for this coming year. We’re working to have more guest artist masterclasses (like our upcoming masterclass with pianist Johan Botes!) and we’ll be rolling out our new online student portal! (more on that below.) Make sure you keep an eye on our schedule page for updates as they arrive.

Meet this month’s featured student: Nora

Nora has played the piano for ten months. She also plays the xylophone in her school music class. She enjoys playing Five Finger Warm-Up and played Mary Had a Little Lamb at the Spring Recital.

Her favorite foods are Caesar salad, followed closely by cupcakes and cake!

In addition to piano, Nora enjoys riding her scooter, taking ballet, swimming, playing with her dog, “Lilly”, and watching Doris Day movies with her mom.

Nora loves music and musicals. She’s a Beatles fan, and can’t get enough of The Sound of Music. She studies at Greater Austin Music Academy with her piano teacher, Emil Pohlig.

Our New Online Student Portal

We are really excited this year to introduce our online student portal. We are one of the few schools in the country to utilitize this new technology! 

Every member of the school will get an invite to the members area shortly, where you will be able to create your own unique profile.

Use of our online system is completely voluntary (for both teachers and students), but I want to tell you about some of the things it offers:

Most importantly, the GAMA portal is a secure and monitored way for students, teachers, and parents to communicate in-between lessons. It allows teachers to assign materials, send reminders, and give feedback.

The GAMA portal also allows for video makeup lessons if you are unable to attend your lesson. This is one of my favorite aspects of the system, because it gives you an unlimited number of makeup lessons! For instance, a teacher could write a brief outline of the materials discussed, and then upload a 5-10 minute video review that students can watch at any time.

If you’re a parent of a student, you also have your own profile in the system, and you’ll be glad to hear that you can monitor all assignments, communications, practice time, as well as participate!

Another exciting thing: we are one of the few schools in the country to adapt this system. This means we are in frequent contact with developers. As they add and improve features, we as a school can have a very real impact on how this technology develops through your feedback! 

Other schools around the country who have offered this online portal have had overwhelmingly positive reviews. I hope everyone enjoys and makes use of this new addition to our learning experience here at Greater Austin Music Academy.

Want to learn more about our school? Our professional teachers and staff are here to help you start your musical journey! We teach all ages and levels, from children through adults. Just fill out the form below with any questions you might have and we’re glad to help!